Monthly Archives: September 2010


My last mem­ory, between rid­ing along nor­mally on my route home and wak­ing up, stum­bling to the side of the road, is a sin­gle, still image. It’s as if, as I fell, my mind only had time to process gen­er­ate one frame in the video record of my con­scious mem­ory. Now, many months later, I […]


At first, I was resis­tant. Spend­ing more than a thou­sand dol­lars on a new road bike seemed to make the even­tual pur­chase of Lycra an inevitabil­ity, a fore­gone con­clu­sion. I have rid­den bikes for trans­porta­tion and recre­ation since I was in ele­men­tary school, but never had I felt the com­pul­sion to don the close-fitting uni­form of seri­ous cyclists. […]