I Failed Cosmology School

First of all, think of liv­ing things as self-contained mod­els of the uni­verse that include the repro­duc­tion of that model. For us, our inher­ent model is con­tained in our genes, and that model pre­dicts an envi­ron­ment (where the envi­ron­ment includes the body of the liv­ing thing) that will result in repro­duc­tion of that model, which will in turn result in repro­duc­tion of that model, and so on. The accu­racy of those pre­dic­tions, and the degree to which the inher­ent model reflects the events that occur over the course of the organ­isms life, dic­tates suc­cess as a liv­ing thing.

Now imag­ine that the uni­verse is itself a liv­ing organ­ism and we are part of its “body”. Fea­tures of this uni­verse are dic­tated by a uni­ver­sal model that itself has devel­oped as a result of a nat­ural selec­tion of uni­verses. Just as we develop con­scious mod­els, through sci­ence, that par­al­lel the mod­els inher­ent in our genes (as we fig­ure out what genes do, and some­times why), so might we develop con­scious mod­els that par­al­lel the inher­ent mod­els that underly a uni­verse that has inher­ited those mod­els from “uni­ver­sal ancestors”.

So con­scious­ness, and our drive to under­stand and build a model of our uni­verse is itself the mech­a­nism for repro­duc­ing the uni­verse. Now I know this is where it starts to sound all new agey and anthro­pocen­tric, but the idea here is that an under­stand­ing of the under­ly­ing model of our uni­verse and the tech­nol­ogy that comes with that may even­tu­ally result in the birth of the next gen­er­a­tion of our uni­verse. So the under­ly­ing model of our own uni­verse itself pre­dicts con­scious­ness as the even­tual means of repro­duc­tion of the uni­verse, in the same way that our genes pre­dict gametes and all of our bio­log­i­cal appa­ra­tus as the even­tual way to repro­duce themselves.

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