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By Thomas W. Phelan PhD, Tracy M. Lewis BA

Through featuring the preferred 1-2-3 Magic parenting application from a child’s standpoint, this cutting edge advisor presents children with a radical realizing of the disciplinary system—from the counting and time-out tools mom and dad should be utilizing to how greater habit advantages the whole kinfolk and leaves extra time for play. Storytelling parts are coupled with copious illustrations to aid describe the fundamental tenets of 1-2-3 Magic—such as confident reinforcement, charting, and the docking system—while a question-and-answer part outlines universal occasions, together with What if I don’t visit my room? Will I nonetheless count number if i've got a pal over? and What types of issues will we do for one-on-one enjoyable? Crossword puzzles, observe searches, and magazine feedback extra motivate teenagers to use what they’ve realized concerning the equipment.

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She had always wondered about that. "C'mon," Rachel said. " 20 s help r g n i e t Coun rememb dad o us t mom and ! that charge in are How Will They Get Me to Clean My Room? So what do you suppose Maddie thinks of 1-2-3 Magic so far? I don't think she knows yet. She needs Rachel to tell her more about it. The following afternoon, Maddie was back at Rachel’s again. The girls were sitting in the kitchen eating some milk and cookies that Rachel’s mom had made for them. “You know,” said Maddie, “that counting thing wouldn’t have worked at my house yesterday.

38 “Sometimes he would threaten to run away or to never speak to me again. When he used threats, I would do the same thing. I would count him for what he did wrong and count again for the threats! ” said Rachel. “I just thought of something! If Marc really decided never to speak to you again, that would mean that he wouldn’t have any more temper tantrums! ” “Wow, Rachel,” Mom said. ” They all laughed. 39 Maddie asked, “What about Rachel? ” Ms. Alvarez looked at Rachel on her swing and smiled.

Maddie asked. “That means that Rachel and Marc both started doing things to figure out whether we were really serious about using 1-2-3 Magic. For example, Marc sometimes threw big temper tantrums! He would throw himself on the floor and start screaming and yelling when I had to count him for something. ” Maddie asked. 37 “I would count him for what he did wrong in the first place and then I would count him again for the temper tantrum. After I counted him, I’d leave him alone. ” Mommy asked.

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