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Are you aware who the traditional Egyptian god of the underworld is? What kind of masks might an embalmer put on when conducting the mummification method on a physique? Who used to be the main winning of the entire pharaohs? these kind of questions and extra are responded during this attention-grabbing easy-to-read advisor to old Egypt. even if you're learning the topic and want entry to the $64000 info quick, otherwise you are only attracted to this attention-grabbing interval of historical past, this wonderful quick-read advisor containing over 100 evidence is an ideal addition in your bookshelf.

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She waited until his body was buried under the earth, rose to her feet, heated a big tin full of water, performed her ablutions and knelt in thanks to Allah for ridding her of her husband. She had become a widow at the age of twentyeight. She tied a black kerchief around her head, and swore that until the day she died she would let no man come near her again. Since her wedding night, she had hated all men, or since even before that, four years prior to her wedding night, when she was still a child only six years old and the daya Um Mahmoud came to their home.

Then she got hold of a razor, whetted it so sharp on a stone that it cut through me like a flame. I said to myself, it’s all over with you Mabrouka, this is the end. I lay on the mat, the blood gushing out of me like from a tap. My mother recited the Fatiha three times for my soul as though I would die any minute. But after a few days God gave me a helping hand and I got up as full of life as the devil. You see, daughter of my son, girls have seven lives, like cats. But boys are not like girls.

Whenever it rang out in the air, my aunt Ni’mat’s face went pale, and the lips of Aunt Fahima curled in scorn. Over my mother’s face floated a misty sadness. Grandmother Amna would cease her muttering, the prayer beads circling between her fingers would come to a sudden stop, and her eyes became fixed, their colour changing to that of muddy stagnant water. They went so dark that not a gleam of light looked out of them. ’ I began to realize that the third person referred to by ‘Him’ meant God, and that all the calamities which had befallen this house had come from God.

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