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As you do this you secretly drop a few grains of salt on the top card. The spectator puts his card on the top of the pack and the pack is then cut, so the chosen card is hidden somewhere near the centre. Hit the edge of the pack with the heel of your hand and, thanks to the secret salt, the pack will divide at the chosen card. Miserable Money Effect: When you shout at a coin, it gets so upset it bursts into tears! Secret: Secretly conceal a wad of wet tissue paper between the first and second fingers of your right hand.

Put 10 loose paper clips into the envelope and you are ready to show the trick. Tip out the loose clips then drop them, one at a time, back into the envelope and seal it down. Tear off the corner of the envelope. The chain will drop out. Casually put the envelope in your pocket and display the chain of clips. Your Card Is … Effect: You tell a spectator the name of a card he chose. Secret: Spread a shuffled pack face up to show they are well mixed. Remember the bottom card. Turn the cards over and ask a spectator to take one.

When you take the drawer from the box, hold it by the sides to keep the secretly-wedged match in position. Command the matches to fall and release the pressure on the wedged match. All the matches fall from the box on your command. ★ ★ ★ 35 ★ Going By Tube Effect: A rolled magazine travels up and down a string. Secret: Roll a magazine into a tube and use paper clips to hold it. Double a piece of string and hook its centre on the bottom clip inside the tube. A second string is looped through the first as shown in the illustration.

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