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Often it leads to overeating on snacks, or at the next meal, resulting in even more calories consumed and perhaps more pounds gained. Even if you’re rushing today, take time to eat. • Stop for a deli sandwich to go. Ask for tomato slices and other veggies. Order a carton or bottle of milk with it. • Pack whole fruit, crackers, and cheese to take along. • Buy ingredients for a speed-scratch meal at home: precut veggies and skinless chicken strips for a fast stir-fry, or mixed salad greens and deli meat for a quick chef ’s salad.

Qxd 10/29/03 3:46 PM Page 31 FEBRUARY 8 31 • Boost veggies. Add extra veggies to casseroles, pasta dishes, pizza, salads, and sandwiches. • Boost fruit, too. Serve berries or whole fruit (edible skin on) over angel food cake, cereal, pancakes, salad, and yogurt. February 7 Safety in Motion Accidents happen! Each year health-promoting intentions of active living lead to serious injuries. The reason? Ignoring safety guidelines. Today get more safety savvy with your physical activities. • Sign up for a class.

Satisfy your craving with a small-size chocolate bar. • Enjoy a mug of Mexican-style hot chocolate—made with milk and cinnamon. qxd 10/29/03 3:46 PM Page 37 FEBRUARY February 15 16 37 Gone Fishing Do you eat fish at least twice a week? That’s the heart-healthy advice of the American Heart Association. Fish is low-fat and protein-rich. Most of its fat is unsaturated, which is good. There’s more. Fattier fish—albacore tuna, anchovies, mackerel, salmon, lake trout, among others—are rich in omega-3s (a type of unsaturated fat).

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