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By Paul Miller, Phyllis Cole-Dai

This devotional source publications you on a year's trip within which you can find particular path for changing into a extra disciplined, devoted disciple of Christ. each one day-by-day analyzing starts with an announcement of the day's significant notion to concentration your brain, by way of the passage of Scripture that encouraged the crucial thought. After this comes a short meditation, and an workout that can assist you observe the most inspiration throughout the day.

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The mind of Christ chooses to be filled with thoughts of the good that can be seen in others. This lays the foundation for peace within the community. It builds positive connections between individuals that strengthen the entire group. Think about a particular person with whom you have an ongoing relationship. On a piece of paper, list everything about this person that annoys you—all the big and little things that bug you. Now, on a second sheet of paper, list everything about this person that you find worthy of praise—the good qualities and the potential you may see.

Reflect on a recent conversation with a friend or family member that left you feeling dissatisfied or even troubled. Think back through the conversation to things you said which your friend might not have understood correctly. Ponder the other possible meanings for your words. Also ask yourself if you might have spoken too fast for your friend to comprehend, or with too much emotion for your friend to feel comfortable. When you have the opportunity, talk to your friend again. Check out at least one of your perceptions about your previous conversation.

Reflect on your diagram. Which of these communities do you belong to by choice? To what extent are you choosing community? Do you see how synergy is at work in any of these communities? When you choose community, you open yourself to a bigger world than you might experience alone. You open yourself to 1 + 1 = more than 2. Synergy becomes an obvious dynamic of your life. Renew your sense of belonging. Water the plant. Participate in the group. Share the journey. I choose community. Day 51 Community lightens the load.

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