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By Henry Ernest, Dudeney

For 2 many years, self-taught mathematician Henry E. Dudeney wrote a puzzle web page, "Perplexities," for The Strand Magazine. Martin Gardner, longtime editor of Scientific American's mathematical video games column, hailed Dudeney as "England's maximum maker of puzzles," unsurpassed within the volume and caliber of his innovations. This compilation of Dudeney's long-inaccessible demanding situations attests to the puzzle-maker's present for developing witty and compelling conundrums.
This treasury of exciting puzzles starts with a range of arithmetical and algebraical difficulties, together with demanding situations related to cash, time, velocity, and distance. Geometrical difficulties stick to, besides combinatorial and topological difficulties that function magic squares and stars, path and community puzzles, and map coloring puzzles. the gathering concludes with a sequence of video game, domino, fit, and unclassified puzzles. options for all 536 difficulties are integrated, and fascinating drawings brighten up the publication.

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This proved to be correct, and by substituting a different figure for each letter, so that it worked out correctly, they obtained the secret code. What number does BEESWAX represent? 156. WRONG TO RIGHT "Two wrongs don't make a right," said somebody at the breakfast table. "I am not so sure about that," Colonel Crackham remarked. "Take this as Cryptarithm Puzzles 49 an example. " WRONG WRONG RIGHT "If you substitute correct figures the little addition sum will work correctly. " 157. LETTER MULTIPLICATION In this little multiplication sum the five letters represent five different digits.

122. THREE DIFFERENT DIGITS The professor, a few mornings ago, proposed that they should find all those numbers composed of three different digits such that each is divisible without remainder by the square of the sum of those digits. Thus, in the case of 112, the digits sum to 4, the square of which is 16, and 112 can be divided by 16 without remainder, but unfortunately 112 does not contain three different digits. Can the reader find all the possible answers? 123. DIGITS AND CUBES Professor Rackbrane recently asked his young friends to find all those fivefigure squares such that the number formed by the first two figures added to that formed by the last two figures should equal a cube.

If you are to transfer the first figure to the end it is solved by 3 I 5 7 8 9 4 7 3 6 84 2 I 0 5 2 6, and a solution may easily be found from this with any given figure at the beginning. But if the figure is to be moved from the end to the beginning, there is no possible solution for the divisor 2. But there is a solution for the divisor 3. Can you find it? 34 Arithmetic & Algebraic Problems 109. THE TWO FOURS I am perpetually receiving inquiries about the old "Four Fours" puzzle. I published it in IS99, but have since found that it first appeared in the first volume of Knowledge (lSSI).

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