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By Catherine Cesarsky, Alberto Salama

Stars are born and die in clouds of gasoline and dirt, opaque to such a lot varieties of radiation, yet obvious within the infrared. Requiring complicated detectors, house missions and cooled telescopes, infrared astronomy is the final department of this self-discipline to come back of age. After a really winning sky survey played within the eighties via the IRAS satellite tv for pc, the Infrared house Observatory, within the nineties, introduced impressive advances within the figuring out of the approaches giving upward thrust to robust infrared emission via an outstanding number of celestial assets.

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Molster, F. , Beintema, D. , Boogert, A. C. : 1996, Astron. Astrophys. 315, L361. Wooden, D. , Harker, D. , Woodward, C. , Butner, H. , Witteborn, F. : 1999, Astrophys. J. 517, 1034. es) (Received 8 April 2005; Accepted in final form 14 April 2005) Abstract. In this review we present the main results obtained by the ISO satellite on the abundance and spatial distribution of water vapor in the direction of molecular clouds, evolved stars, galaxies, and in the bodies of our Solar System. We also discuss the modeling of H2 O and the difficulties found in the interpretation of the data, the need of collisional rates and the perspectives that future high angular and high spectral resolution observations of H2 O with the Herschel Space Observatory will open.

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