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Written as a textbook, A First direction in useful Analysis is an advent to simple sensible research and operator idea, with an emphasis on Hilbert house equipment. the purpose of this publication is to introduce the elemental notions of sensible research and operator conception with no requiring the coed to have taken a direction in degree conception as a prerequisite. it's written and dependent the way in which a path will be designed, with an emphasis on readability and logical improvement along genuine functions in research. The history required for a pupil taking this direction is minimum; simple linear algebra, calculus as much as Riemann integration, and a few acquaintance with topological and metric spaces.

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On L2a (D), define the inner product f, g = f (x + iy)g(x + iy)dxdy. 2). 9. Prove that each one of the following two sets is dense in L2 [0, 1]. 1. The space of step functions functions span{χ[a,b] : a, b ∈ [0, 1]}. 2. The space of polynomials. 10. Let {Hn }n∈N be a family of Hilbert spaces. Define a new space ⊕n∈N Hn as follows: n∈N Hn = {(hn )∞ n=0 : hn ∈ Hn for all n ∈ N, ∞ hn n=0 2 Hn < ∞}. On ⊕n∈N Hn define an inner product ∞ (gn )∞ n=0 , (hn )n=0 = ∞ g n , hn Hn . n=0 Prove that this inner product is well-defined, and that ⊕n∈N Hn is a Hilbert space.

Vn } by construction. Thus span{e1 , . . , en } ⊆ span{v1 , . . , vn }. But since e1 . . , en are n linearly independent vectors, we must have span{e1 , . . , en } = span{v1 , . . , vn }. That completes the proof. 2. Every separable inner product space has a countable complete orthonormal system. 14, every separable Hilbert space has a countable orthonormal basis. 1. Explain why the following statement is false, and find a meaningful way to fix it: A subset S of a vector space V is convex if and only if 12 x + 12 y ∈ S for all x, y ∈ S.

2. Prove that the system of functions {hm,n }∞ m,n=1 given by hm,n (x, y) = fm (x)gn (y) , x, y ∈ [0, 1], is an orthonormal basis for L2 ([0, 1] × [0, 1]). ) The assumption in the above exercise, that the functions fn and gn are piecewise continuous, is redundant. The result holds true for any bases of L2 [0, 1], but it is very hard to prove it without measure theory (for example, it is not even clear what fm (x)gn (y) means). 1 Fourier series in L2 Consider the cube K = [0, 1]k ⊂ Rk . Let f be an integrable function defined on K.

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