Download A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver: A by Kai Borre, Dennis M. Akos, Nicolaj Bertelsen, Peter Rinder, PDF

By Kai Borre, Dennis M. Akos, Nicolaj Bertelsen, Peter Rinder, Søren Holdt Jensen

Satellite navigation receivers are used to obtain, method, and decode space-based navigation indications, resembling these supplied through the GPS constellation of satellites. there's an expanding desire for a unified open platform that might let superior receiver improvement and layout, in addition to economical trying out techniques for numerous functions. This e-book supply hands-on exploration of recent applied sciences during this swiftly growing to be field.
One of the original beneficial properties of the paintings is the interactive process used, giving readers the facility to build their very own worldwide Navigation satellite tv for pc platforms (GNSS) receivers. to build this type of reconfigurable receiver with quite a lot of functions, the authors talk about receiver structure according to software-defined radio (SDR) concepts. The presentation unfolds in a scientific, ordinary type and is going from the fundamentals to state-of-the-art research.
Additional gains and issues include:
* Presentation of uncomplicated sign buildings utilized in GPS and Galileo, the ecu satellite tv for pc navigation system
* layout and implementation of a GPS sign generator
* Presentation and research of other equipment of sign acquisition—serial seek; parallel-frequency area seek; and parallel-code part search—as good as code/carrier monitoring and navigation facts decoding
* an entire GPS software program receiver carried out utilizing MATLAB code in addition to GPS and GIOVE-A sign records—allowing readers to alter a number of parameters and instantly see their effects
* MATLAB-based exercises
* A hands-on approach to trying out the cloth lined within the booklet: supplementary front-end equipment—which will be bought at—enables readers engaged on a home windows or LINUX process to generate real-world facts by means of changing analog indications to electronic signals
* Supplementary path fabric for teachers to be had at
* Bibliography of contemporary effects and accomplished index
The booklet is geared toward utilized mathematicians, electric engineers, geodesists, and graduate scholars. it can be used as a textbook in numerous GPS know-how and sign processing classes, or as a self-study reference for someone operating with satellite tv for pc navigation receivers.

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14 1. 12. Magnitude spectrum of bandpass signal s(t) and complex envelope s(t). 5 Representation of Bandpass Signals Signals can also be classified into lowpass, bandpass, and highpass categories depending on their spectra. We define a bandpass signal as a signal with frequency content concentrated in a band of frequencies above zero frequency. Bandpass signals arise in the GPS and Galileo systems where the information-bearing signals are transmitted over bandpass channels from the satellite to the receiver.

5. For p = 1 this is (−1)k+1 −k 2 + 3k − 1 − (5 − 2k) |τTc| , for |τ | ≤ Tc , r (τ ) = 0, otherwise. 12) 40 3. 5. ACF for the BOC( pn, n) signal as function of delay τ and p. and the sine integral is defined as x Si(x) = 0 sin(y) d y. 5 for n = 1, 2, 4. The BOC ACF profile results in a DLL discriminator curve that is a bit more complicated than that of GPS. 6 shows the ideal band-unlimited correlation function for both a C/A code signal and a BOC(1,1) signal. 5 chip. We observe various facts. Both discriminator curves are linear around the center of the ACF.

Left-shift the input frame by r bits and divide the corresponding polynomial by P. 2. Set the checksum equal to the binary vector of length r corresponding to the remainder from step 1. 3. Append the checksum to the input data frame. The result is the output frame. The CRC algorithm uses binary vectors to represent binary polynomials, in descending order of powers. For example, the vector [ 1 1 0 1 ] represents the polynomial x 3 + x 2 + 1. 1 Suppose the input frame is [ 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 ]T , corresponding to the polynomial M = x 6 + x 5 + x 2 + x, and the generator polynomial is P = x 3 + x 2 + 1, of degree r = 3.

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