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By John Francis Guilmartin, John Keegan

On may possibly 12, 1975, lower than weeks after the autumn of Saigon, Khmer Rouge naval forces seized the S.S. Mayaguez, an American box send, off the Cambodian coast within the Gulf of Siam. The quick army reaction ordered via President Gerald Ford used to be designed to recapture the Mayaguez, held at anchor off the island of Koh Tang, to disencumber her workforce, and to illustrate U.S. power and get to the bottom of within the instant aftermath of America's so much humiliating defeat.Guilmartin, a former air rescue helicopter pilot stationed in Thailand, presents a different and compelling account of the Mayaguez–Koh Tang predicament, laying off new mild at the politics, the strategies, the orders, the high-level selection makers, and the battling males entangled in an important army motion that almost resulted in catastrophe for U.S. forces.". . . an excellent and incredibly transparent tactical examine that provides some degree of departure for broader reflections at the nature of contingency and uncertainty in all army operations."--Foreign Affairs"This is a phenomenal publication. . . [Guilmartin's] paintings transcends the occasions themselves, illustrating quite a few features of fellows in conflict. His insights and observations are compelling."--Journal of army History". . . written with the aptitude and pleasure of an event novel. Even those that be aware of the result and the teachings of the Mayaguez incident will locate this e-book demanding to place down until eventually finished."--Proceedings

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Most important, Ambassador Dean ordered fixed-wing evacuation operations at Pochentong terminated on 10 April. 33 His reasons were sound: fixed-wing planes could bring out far more evacuees in a given time than helicopters, but they required unobstructed runways for landings and takeoffs and were highly vulnerable while taxiing and loading. Communist rocket and artillery fire and the possibility of disorder among the civilian populace posed risks for a fixed-wing evacuation that the ambassador deemed unacceptable.

It arrived around midday on the seventeenth, only to be alerted for redeployment the following afternoon. TF-76 was on station and prepared for action by 20 April; included were Okinawa and Hancock, with HMH-462 and HMH-463 embarked. In the interim, the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade had reorganized. Carey's command now included three infantry battalions of Regimental Landing Team 4 and HMM-165 equipped with CH-46s. 57 To augment the marine helicopters, the navy had earlier approached the USSAG/Seventh Air Force staff with a proposal to operate air force H-53s from navy flight decks.

The period of American withdrawal from Vietnam was signified by the deployment of whole new categories of military technology that at the time of the Mayaguez incident had not been used except in experimental quantities. Examples include precision-guided antitank munitions, active homing antiship missiles, and truly mobile surface-to-air missile systems. But the advent of actual world-wide communications, offering national leaders the possibility of immediate control of military forces on a global basis, was surely among the most important.

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