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By Edward Baker

This consultant teaches the reader the best way to promote themselves and their booklet with the intention to get in print. utilizing revenues suggestions taken from different industries, it demonstrates how the author can objective and marketplace their ebook within the aggressive company of publishing.

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Put some emotional distance between yourself and your product. Make it something external and you’ll be better able to cope with its inadequacies and failings. When your car breaks down or your plumbing fails do you sit down and weep, or do you take practical measures to fix it or get it fixed? Not selling your work is just a practical problem, and you can handle that if you really try.

Once you are satisfied with the results, type them on to small record cards of your favourite colour. ) Place one such message on each card. If you are using the Design Focus method outlined elsewhere use a reduced image as a flip-side. The finished articles should then be placed in a plastic wallet and kept with you constantly. Read through the entire set of cards twenty-one times each day when waiting for trains, meetings, etc. The aim is to have these thoughts percolate down into your positive subconscious where they will drive out negative ones.

Learn from the experience and make your interestarousers more punchy, more pithy, more exciting. "No" letters can make you a better writer more quickly and cheaply than any correspondence or college course. Those nasty publishers are actually helping you in a strange sort of way. There’s even more to rejection letters than all the above good things, however. Believe it or not, rejections make you money! The Cash Value of No Every "No" letter is cash in your pocket. This may sound ridiculous but put aside your preconceptions: for the next few paragraphs you are a salesperson, not an author, and in sales circles it’s perfectly normal to calculate the economic worth of a rejection.

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