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By Jr Roy Blount

Thirtieth Anniversary Edition

Any variety of writers may spend a complete season with an NFL staff, from the 1st day of teaching camp until eventually the final choose of the draft, and are available up with an enticing ebook. yet purely Roy Blount Jr. may possibly catch the ache, the enjoyment, the fears, the humor—in brief, the heart—of a championship team.

In 1973, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been large, yet overlooked the bowl. Blount's portrait of a crew poised to dominate the NFL for greater than a decade recounts the gridiron accomplishments and off-the-field lives of avid gamers, coaches, better halves, enthusiasts, and proprietors. About 3 Bricks Shy . . . is thought of a vintage; Sports Illustrated lately named it one of many best a hundred activities Books of All Time. This thirtieth-anniversary version comprises extra chapters at the Steelers' large Bowl wins, written for the 1989 paperback, in addition to a brand new advent by means of the writer.

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Terry and Terry and Joe 18. The Chief and Family 19. Burning Out the Redskins 20. Race 21. Mad Dog 22. Oakland and Denver 23. The Body 24. Scouting 25. Losing Two Barely 26. Franco, Frenchy and Preston: Dancing and Blowing 27. Mean Joe 28. Money, and Supe 29. Hands 30. The Playov …And the Load Filled Up 1. Super Bowl, 1975: “You're a Part of All This” 2. S. 3. Joe Greene: “He Does What He Wants Out There” 4. Ray Mansfield: How to Raise Your Boy to Play Pro Ball 5. Super Bowl, 1976: “You Can't Cover It” 6.

James Parton, writing in 1868, called Pittsburgh “Hell with the lid taken off,” a phrase which Lincoln Steffens used as the title of his exposé of the shame of the town. ” At his hotel, “on coming out of a tub of water my foot took an impress from the carpet exactly as it would have done had I trod barefooted on a path laid with soot. ” But there are ways of putting a better face on the soot. (Not, to be sure, that I want to imply that there need be anything abhorrent about turning Negro upwards.

Somebody you slap in the face and he don't do anything. That's the definition of a chump,” Dwight White told me. ” A player makes more money than a scribe, and yet has stayed truer to his fiercest childhood dreams; he pushes the equivalent of a dozen people down the equivalent of a flight of stairs on a normal working day. He lives firsthand, and doesn't like to admit, by and large, that he is in the same boat with a man who asks questions and describes. “He looks like a fag,” one Steeler said to me about a member of the local media who was as straight as Vince Lombardi.

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