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It should also contain an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signals. The tag information is stored on non-volatile memory. If no data processing is required on the device, the IC can be omitted from the structure, leaving only the antenna and memory on the device. Both of these structures can be created using silicon on insulator or MEMS technology. Harvested DC power from RF sources inherently undergoes propagation loss (L) and the total available power, Ptotal, can be approximated by adding and subtracting components, such that Ptotal ½dBŠ ¼ PT ½dBŠ À L½dBŠ þ GR ½dBŠ þ gRF ½dBŠ ð1:2Þ where PT is the transmitted power at the source, GT is the gain of the antenna at the source, transmitting the original RF signature, GR is the gain of the receiving antenna (at the RFID), and ηRF is the efficiency of the electronic conversion circuit.

This results from recent interest in these countries, as investors are managing to take advantage of Africa’s rich natural resources to stimulate job creation in these countries. More opportunities in these countries could have a positive effect towards urbanization if monitored, managed and abundant educational and training facilities are available in these countries. 7 Smart Cities Smarter cities of all sizes should take advantage of technology advancements and innovative solutions to transform their internal systems, operational structure and service delivery.

Plotting the same data over a 100 years results in the growth depicted in Fig. 2. 38 %, whereas no limitation on space and resources would result in a population of more than 240 million in 2114 because of urbanization. 6) as follows:  r¼ log10 P0 PðtÞÀPðtÞK P0 PðtÞÀP0 K t  : ð2:7Þ This result is useful when obtaining statistics on estimated versus actual growth rate to determine the requirements for expanding an area to accommodate a larger population. 4 Variable Carrying Capacity 33 dPðtÞ PðtÞ ¼ rPðtÞð1 À Þ dt KðtÞ ð2:8Þ and this equation is particularly focused on periodical changes in the carrying capacity, typically in 1 year cycles.

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