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This book summarizes the reviews conducted at of the main energetic volcanoes of Chiapas (Mexico): El Chichón and Tacaná. El Chichón erupted explosively in 1982 killing greater than 2000 humans being the worst volcanic catastrophe in Mexico, and Tacaná produced gentle phreatic explosions in 1950 and 1986. purely after those explosions a surge of latest experiences started to unreveal their volcanic historical past and effect.

This booklet provides the state-of-the-art advances in themes with regards to the geologic environment of the 2 volcanoes, their eruptive heritage and composition of erupted items, the hydrothermal platforms and their manifestations. Volcanic risks and hazards and attainable mitigation plans are mentioned in accordance with the adventure of the catastrophic eruption of El Chichón that happened in 1982. The booklet also will comprise formerly unpublished fabric at the plants and the fauna of the sector and archaeological and social facets of the world that's inhabited via indigenous humans.

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Psammos, sand modified from Rendzina Gr. sapros, rotten L. torridus, hot, dry modified from Gr. fropikos, of the solstice L. udus, humid L. um bra, shade ust L. ustus, burnt combustion xer Gr. xeros, dry xerophyte psamm rend sapr torr trop boreal ferruginous fibrous fluvial hemisphere psammite Rendzina saprophyte torrid tropical udometer umbrella cool presence of iron least-decomposed stage flood plains intermediate state of decomposition presence of organic matter thin horizon presence of ochric epipedon (a light-colored surface) the common ones presence of plaggen epipedon sand textures Rendzina-like most-decomposed stage usually dry continually warm of humid climates presence of umbric epipedon (a dark-colored surface) of dry climates, usually hot in summer annual dry season Source: Buol et al.

Modified from argillic horizon; L. argilla, white clay Gr. boreas, northern L. ferrum, iron L. fibra, fiber L. fluuius, river Gr. hemi, half presence of albic horizon (a bleached eluvial horizon) Ando-like characteristics associated with wetness mixed horizons presence of argillic horizon (a horizon with illuvial clay) hum lept ochr L. humus, earth Gr. leptos, thin Gr. ochros, pale humus leptometer ocher orth plag orthophonic ud umbr Gr. orthos, true modified from Ger. Plaggen, sod Gr. psammos, sand modified from Rendzina Gr.

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