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By Kaatryn MacMorgan

All One Wicca is a rational creation to the faith of Wicca, and the culture of common Eclectic Wicca. It includes every thing the hot or complex pupil must interact in examine of the religion together with an in depth dictionary and instance rituals.

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I . G r o u n d i n g ; The Earth Visualization Lie flal nn your back in a field, if you d o not have access to a field, lay o n a floor and first visualize through the steel, w o o d and concrete. Feel yourself falling until y o u are lying i n the dust below your foundation, and " T o u c h " the permeable earth that's there... Kaalryı MaeMargan M Reach through the. d r i l l into the liny -w or m hol es permeating the soil, f e e l each nerve o n your linger extend forward like a rool hair sys­ tem.

In A n i m i s m , each thing be it a windstorm or a rock, has a spirit o l its o w n . In Cyclic Totality, or Cyclicism, it is the laws of the Universe that are divine, be they the cycles of celestial decay, or tlte harvests, or the birth-death'rebirth of the nitrogen cycle. The combination of these three forms of Universal divinity are used in Wieca in varying degrees with l i p service, if not full ritual given to each of the forms. Beyond these five points, what Wicca is is primarily speculative.

To some, ihe recognition of moon phases, ancestral holy days or lire turning of die seasons arc vital to uttunemcnt, but for others altunement is nothing more than the recognition of the presence of tile divine in oile'slife. Wiccans recognize three basic Ivpes of divinity i n the universe. I. The Self is divine. Z. The Gods/other powers are divine. 3. The Universe itself is divine. Kaatryn MatM'Yişaıt ît The D i v i n e Seli (thuu art god) is expressed w i t h i n The Ethic of SelfResponsibilily.

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