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By Ayya Khema

During this lucid vintage, cherished instructor Ayya Khema introduces the reader to the essence of the Buddhist direction. She addresses the how and why of meditation, delivering a transparent framework for figuring out the character of karma and rebirth and everything of the eightfold direction. With particular, functional suggestion Ayya Khema illuminates the practices of compassion and sympathetic pleasure and provides forthright counsel in operating with the stumbling blocks that all of us stumble upon in meditation. Few introductory books are either basic and profound. Being not anyone, Going Nowhere is either.

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Nobody can keep the pleasant feelings. Nobody can permanently get rid of the unpleasant ones. As one gets older 舒 as some of you may have noticed 舒 the body has more unpleasant feelings than it used to have. Nobody is exempt. It舗s the law of nature. Death is certain and very often connected with very unpleasant feelings. But these unpleasant feelings are not confined to old age and death. The youngest, strongest people have unpleasant physical feelings and unpleasant emotional feelings. If we resolve to keep still for a moment, finally to take a look, to no longer run away from the unpleasant and no longer grasp at the pleasant 舒 maybe for just one meditation session 舒 we will have learned an enormous amount about ourselves.

When we learn to penetrate more deeply, we舗ll become aware that there is constant movement in every cell of the body. We all learned this law of nature in school. We might have been eleven or twelve at the time when we were told that all the cells in the body are renewed every seven years. I distinctly remember trying to figure out whether every cell of the body was going to fall out after seven years and whether I舗d get a new lot coming back in. Since that didn舗t seem feasible, I gave up on it.

Anyone who enters a marathon can run well and quickly if they have trained for it. It is silly to think, 舠I舗m useless, I can舗t run fast,舡 if you haven舗t trained for it. Counting, saying 舠Buddha,舡 attention at the nostrils, observation of the breath as far in and out as possible: find which method you feel most comfortable with and then stick to it. If you have practiced attention on the rise and fall of the abdomen and you have managed some concentration, then continue with that. Keep your legs in a position you can stay in for some time.

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