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By Myra Cooper

This guide is written for execs operating with humans discomfort with bulimia nervosa and for victims themselves. It offers a framework for figuring out what keeps the sickness and why it has built. furthermore, there's a step by step programme to help restoration. The authors draw on advancements in cognitive concept and on innovation and cognitive th erapy therapy options. They specialize in the hyperlink among pondering and behavior, and provides information on studying tips on how to determine and alter adverse innovations, underlying assumptions and middle self ideals. authentic info is gifted along a programme of labor sheets, self-assessment questionnaries and case examples from the authors' specialist event.

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5 Some unrealistic goals • To eat only fruit and vegetables. • To diet (as I am doing now – no ‘bad’ foods at all) without bingeing. • To lose weight (although my weight is well within the normal range). • To be slimmer than other people. • To be a size 8. • To binge for pleasure only. behaviours Although less obvious, and not necessarily clearly thought through, you may also be afraid that if you stop any of the other food or weight related behaviours that you carry out regularly, you will gain weight.

Well, you have almost certainly ruled out several possible reasons for your problems. However, so that your problems can be identified and treated appropriately, we strongly urge you to seek professional advice. At the present time we recommend that you see your general practitioner (GP), family doctor or physician. 32 BULIMIA NERVOSA Medication If you have consulted a medical doctor about your eating problems then you may have been offered Prozac; indeed you may well be taking it regularly. Prozac is an effective treatment for many people with bulimia nervosa.

Need to compensate and would discover my true weight and shape. This might be a few pounds more than I am now, but wouldn’t that be better in the long term than the misery of continuing to binge and vomit? • I’ll get fat. • I won’t be able to deal with distressing • • The evidence suggests that this is very unlikely. • Going to the supermarket is a treat – I • There are other ways to treat myself. • I won’t have a way to deal with problems. • There are other ways to deal with problems. Focusing • It will be difficult/hard work.

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