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By Dr Susanne Winkler

Masking linguistic study on empty different types over greater than 3 many years, this monograph offers the results of an in-depth syntactic and focus-theoretical research of ellipsis in generative grammar. The phenomenon of ellipsis most widely refers back to the omission of linguistic fabric, constitution and sound. The primary target of this publication is to give an explanation for at the foundation of linguistic theorizing of ways it really is attainable that we comprehend greater than we really listen. the reply constructed all through this publication is that ellipsis is an interface phenomenon which may merely be defined at the foundation of the complicated interplay among syntax, semantics and data constitution. students of grammar and cognitive scientists will benefit from interpreting this booklet.

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A'. but Bill doesn't [Vp like flying planes]]. b. but Bill doesn't [ w like [5 PRO flying planes]]. b'. but Bill doesn't [vp Hke P-RO flying planes]]. (examples from Sag 1976) Following the basic insights of Sag (1976, 1977), Tancredi observes that although the first conjunct is two-ways ambiguous between an NPcomplement reading and a gerund reading, the resulting elliptical examples in (6a', b') are also only two-ways (and not four-ways) ambiguous. Tancredi's particular claim is that similar conditions hold not only with respect to ellipsis but also with respect to deaccentuation, as in (6a, b).

22) a. Mary bought the book about BATS in Amherst... not the one about RATS) The book about BATS Mary bought in Amherst. The book about BATS Mary bought in AMHERST... the one about SQUIRRELS in BOSTON) Mary in (22a-c) is a Topic in the sense of Reinhart (1982), usually defined as a constituent that occurs in an aboutness relation. A contrastive in situ focus is realized on BATS in (22a) placing it in opposition to the DP the one about RATS. The contrastive focus DP the book about BATS has been moved to the left periphery of the sentence in (22b).

4 that PF is derived cyclically, or in phases. The assumption is that PF has access to both, the syntactic derivation of the phase (uninterpretable features remain visible at PF) and the semantic interpretation thus providing evidence for the D-model in (10) where LF and PF derive structures in parallel. The theory of ellipsis developed here, is partially based on the concept of movement operations of the remnants, also referred to as syntactic dislocation or displacement. Displacement in the CHL is triggered by uninterpretable features and constitutes only "an apparent imperfection" (Chomsky 2001: 3).

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