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By Larry W. Phillips

An assemblage of reflections at the nature of writing and the author from one the best American writers of the 20 th century.

Throughout Hemingway’s occupation as a author, he maintained that it used to be undesirable good fortune to speak about writing—that it takes to the air “whatever butterflies have on their wings and the association of hawk’s feathers for those who convey it or discuss it.”

Despite this trust, via the top of his existence he had performed simply what he meant to not do. In his novels and tales, in letters to editors, associates, fellow artists, and critics, in interviews and in commissioned articles at the topic, Hemingway wrote frequently approximately writing. And he wrote to boot and as incisively concerning the topic as any author who ever lived…

This booklet includes Hemingway’s reflections at the nature of the author and on components of the writer’s existence, together with particular and necessary suggestion to writers at the craft of writing, paintings behavior, and self-discipline. The Hemingway character comes via quite often knowledge, wit, humor, and perception, and in his insistence at the integrity of the author and of the occupation itself.
—From the Preface through Larry W. Phillips

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A very clear and hollow light. to Bernard Berenson, 1952 Selected Letters, p. 785 The more I’m let alone and not worried the better I can function. to Grace Hall Hemingway, 1929 Selected Letters, p. 296 I loved to write very much and was never happier than doing it. Charlie’s [Scribner’s] ridiculing of my daily word count was because he did not understand me or writing especially well nor could know how happy one felt to have put down properly 422 words as you wanted them to be. And days of 1200 or 2700 were something that made you happier than you could believe.

1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10020, or by fax to (212) 698-7284. com/hemingway for additional information about Ernest Hemingway. ISBN 0-7432-3736-6 This book is dedicated to my Mother and Father; to Mr. Edwin Benish; and to Charles (“Pete”) Redfield of the Silver Coach. Acknowledgments The editor and the publisher gratefully acknowledge the permission to reprint granted by the following authors and publishers: Mary Welsh Hemingway, for A Moveable Feast; By-Line: Ernest Hemingway; Death in the Afternoon; Green Hills of Africa; The Nick Adams Stories; Ernest Hemingway: Selected Letters; Ernest Hemingway’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech; and one unpublished manuscript.

Each time you re-read you see or learn something new. to Harvey Breit, 1952 Selected Letters, p. 770 When you first start writing stories in the first person if the stories are made so real that people believe them the people reading them nearly always think the stories really happened to you. That is natural because while you were making them up you had to make them happen to the person who was telling them. If you do this successfully enough you make the person who is reading them believe that the things happened to him too.

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