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By Catherine Yronwode

Either theorical and functional issues are coated during this path, together with natural details, magic spells, conventional options, ancient historical past, how root medical professionals paintings for consumers, what candle store proprietors do, and different within details now not on hand via my different books.

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There are two basic forms — washing upward to draw or attract something to one and washing downward to drive away or expel something from one. Both are described below. Soaking baths are prescribed for the relief of physical pain, stiffness, or aches, and also for luxuriating in preparation for a love spell. When sneaky tricks are being worked on a lover or family member, drawing them a sit-down bath is one way to put them in contact with certain items or to capture their used bath water. When performing a sit-down bath for spiritual conditions, i believe that if the client is strong enough, it is always a good idea to finish with the appropriate form of stand-up bath — either drawing or expelling — because in my experience there is more focus of attention in a stand-up bath.

TIME OF THE MENSTRUAL CYCLE Many spiritual women take a cleansing bath immediately after finishing their period. This is yet another way in which African American hoodoo bathing practices resemble Jewish bathing practices. TIME OF THE MOON Many practitioners like to work by the Moon's phases. com/moonphasesJitml In prescribing baths according to the lunar cycles, follow these five simple rules: THE WANING MOON LESSENS OR TAKES OFF CONDITIONS If the client's bath is for the removal of a bad condition, such as being crossed or jinxed, or for the lessening of an influence, such as getting rid of gossip or having a criminal lawsuit dismissed, then start the rite while the Moon is waning or shrinking in size.

The doctor kept a stock of dried herbs on hand and mixed together whatever was needed. Then early in the morning, before the break of day, the doctor brewed the tea and strained it. While the tea-bath was cooling to a proper warmth, the doctor also brought in one of those old portable galvanized tin or copper tubs that people bathed in at that time. The client was woken up when everything was in readiness and instructed on how to bathe. The client's bath was finished before dawn, and the water was thrown out to the rising Sun, as we still do today.

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