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Within the first few pages of Jewish Supremacism, Duke fees Dr. Richard Steinlight, a former head of nationwide Affairs for the biggest Jewish supplier within the usa. this is the citation taken from a 2001 journal article written via Dr. Steinlight:- 'I'll confess it a minimum of, like millions of alternative regular young ones of my iteration i used to be reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. each summer time for 2 months of ten formative years... I attended Jewish summer time camp. There, each one morning, I saluted a overseas flag, wearing a uniform reflecting its shades, sang a international nationwide anthem, discovered a overseas language... and was once taught the prevalence of my humans to the 'Gentiles' who oppressed us. 'We have been taught to view non-Jews as... humans much less delicate, clever and ethical than ourselves.' this technique of quoting significant Jewish figures and assets is used thousands of instances in Duke's booklet to develop his thesis that there's a strong Jewish supremacist point in Judaism and Zionism that threatens not just the liberty of the Palestinian humans yet all international locations, together with the USA. Duke additionally makes use of direct prices from the Talmud and different significant Jewish assets, corresponding to the Jewish Encyclopedia to reveal a long-standing cadre of hateful, anti-Gentile Jewish supremacists. surprising rates are displayed from significant Jewish magazines that boast of a Jewish supremacy over the media and politics of the us. He unearths anxious and hateful phrases from Jewish leaders, akin to Ariel Sharon, which overtly aid genocide, and he finds quotations from Israeli leaders who equate Zionism and Nazism. in fact, he additionally cites many famous Gentiles of historic and modern occasions, however the Jewish quotations and assets have the best energy. Frankly, they're so convincing that Jewish leaders have sought to get the publication banned in lots of countries.

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It had a long article asserting that international Communism was a Jewish creation and that the Russian Revolution had not really been Russian at all. Jews had supposedly financed and led Communism since its 38 THE JEWISH QUESTION inception, and that they still thoroughly dominated the Communist movement in the United States and around the world. This National Enquirer of the right quoted many names, dates, and sources to support its incredible allegations. I was very skeptical of its assertions, but the information was too compelling to ignore.

One of the Common Sense articles I read referred to a series of explosive documents (complete with file numbers) from the National Archives of the United States. I wrote to my local Congressman, F. Edward Hebert, and asked if his office could obtain copies of the files for me. A couple of weeks later, on returning home from school, I found waiting for me a large manila envelope from the Congressman. Certified by the seal of the United States of America, the documents were from the National Archives.

One of my teachers made the often-repeated, poorly-thought-out comment that Communism was great in theory but faulty in practice. To my way of thinking, to be a great idea it must work in practice, and Communism obviously doesn’t. There has never been a theory that has promised more human happiness yet delivered more poverty, mental and physical oppression, and more human misery and death. Until I looked into the foundations of Communism, I had always thought Karl Marx was a German. In fact, I had read that Marx's father was a Christian.

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