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By Philip J. Carter

This difficult selection of one hundred sixty observe puzzles exams the reader's ability with quite a number anagrams, note video games, crosswords, cryptograms, observe pyramids, magic squares, note circles, rebuses, notice searches and plenty of different novel puzzles.

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Date: 1980. Pieces: Refer to C69, C70 for a description of the two large squares (pieces A and B) and the four small squares carried by A. The four small squares each have one of the symbols of the four card suits. Note that in C69 and C70 the two large squares are identical, while here they are a mirror image of one another. Start position: As shown in the diagram. Object: Transfer the four small squares-spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs-from piece A to piece B (pieces must be adjacent to do this) and then return piece B to the top left corner.

USA (see Plate V). Date: 1960s. Start position: As shown in the diagram-remove piece 35. Finish as shown-replace piece 35. Object: Solution: 35 moves. Removing piece 35 does not count as a move, hut replacing it at the end does. ze direction. *** Rating: Title: C4 Start Title: Date: The Merry Widow. Patented in 1909 (US Patent No. 922 002) by L. C. Koehler and W. A. Butler. Start position: As shown in the diagram-small letters spell out 'will she get him'. Object: Move M (MAN) down to L (LADY) at the bottom right (on her left).

The instructions also give details of puzzle C19. Date: 1930s. Start positions:As shown in the diagram for both puzzles. Object: C2Gmove A to bottom left corner C21-move A to top right corner. Solutions: C2-5 moves (47). C21-26 moves (27). * Ratings: Title: Titles and dates: According to Gardner (1975) the earliest known version was called the Penant Puzzle. It was copyrighted in 1909 by L. W. Hardy (cf. C43) and was manufactured by the 0. K. Novelty Co. in Chicago, USA. Further USA versions were copyrighted in 1926 by J.

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