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49 1. It is ‘inventive’, like Aristotelian dialectic, but here combinatorial mechanisms are used to ‘multiply’, as Llull says, his investigative techniques. 2. It is ‘demonstrative’, because it provides the means to arrive at necessary conclusions. 3. It is ‘compendious’, because a limited, Ànite set of principles permit the ‘Ànding’ of an unlimited number and variety of arguments. 4. It is ‘general’, like metaphysics and dialectic itself, because it is applicable to any subject and its principles are of all classes of being.

In addition they shared a common inheritance of Greek science, logic, and philosophy, on which Llull would draw for his cosmology and much of his conceptual framework and vocabulary. These fundamental notions without exterior references or appeal to authorities would form the basis for a self-sufÀcient system, one which was almost totally inward-looking for its justiÀcation, one which could be called endo-referential. Finally, if such a closed system was to investigate and demonstrate things outside its own restricted domain, it would have to be generative.

That of the Arbre de ÀlosoÀa desiderat (ORL XVII, 405) is closer to that of the LN. Those at the beginning of Àve works in ROL XX are like those of the Book of the Gentile, but now with Áowers of ternary relations. That of the Principles of Medicine (SW II, facing p. 1120), is more a diagrammatic relation of the different parts of medicine. It might be worthwhile to examine in greater detail all of Llull’s trees from the point of view of graph theory. 8 Llull’s description, as might be expected, is less mathematical.

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