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This booklet covers W. V. Quine's philosophic profession from his early radical empiricism and behaviorism via his improvement of a chain of skeptical doctrines relating to that means, reference, and technological know-how. It exhibits what difficulties he attempted to unravel and what his options have been. end result has been a chain of hugely debatable claims that experience received him foreign popularity. His paintings continues to be a middle of controversy and has bring about a big literature of commentary.

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He adopts Russell’s theory of types to deal with the paradoxes and type considerations play an important part in the construction of his system. D. 53 But Quine also wanted to publish his dissertation. From April to August of 1932 he worked on the revisions, and when he sailed for Europe he left the manuscript with C. I. Lewis with the understanding that Lewis would start it through the press. 54 The year abroad was a revelation to Quine. He later reflected on his early views. When I turned doctor in 1932, I was still wholly under the spell of Principia Mathematica.

Uneconomical definitions and notation lay open for pruning. 55 That Quine’s views in 1932 were parochial is not a surprise. Before World War II, the intellectual leadership of the world was largely in Europe. The great scientists of the time – Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Dirac, Fermi, etc. were all European. The same was true of philosophy; Whitehead and Russell were English, even though Whitehead was then at Harvard, and the most important philosophical movements were in Europe. The great painters – Picasso, Braque, etc.

The great painters – Picasso, Braque, etc. were European; so were the great writers – Mann, Proust, Yeats, Joyce, Kafka, etc, were on the other side of the Atlantic, and the leaders in most other fields were in England 10 1 Quine: Logic and Philosophy or on the continent. Today, we are prone to believe that the leadership in the intellectual world is in America. We forget that Hitler and Nazism drove the intellectual leaders of Europe to flee to the refuge of the United States. Many of the world’s intellectual leaders were Jewish and would have been liquidated in Hitler’s “final solution” had they not escaped.

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